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Thread: A Nice Colourful Ping

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    A Nice Colourful Ping

    I've put the following into a .cmd file called NEWPING.CMD

    echo off & cls
    PING -n 1 %1% | FIND "TTL="
    IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (SET OUT=0C & echo Request timed out.) ELSE (SET OUT=0A)
    color %OUT%
    sleep 1
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    I then added the following custom tool:
    c:\windows\NewPing.CMD %HOSTNAME%

    This way you can select a bunch of servers, have a ping window open for each of them that goes green while the server is responding and red when they timeout.

    (Code is a modified version of Albin Sebastian's code that can be found at nd-colour-changes/

    [EDIT - Found a typo, code above corrected byt replacing %S% with %HOSTNAME%]

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    This may seem obvious to some, but the SLEEP command does not ship
    with WindowsXP; apparently it's available from within the Server 2003 Resource

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    As each window opens by itself how do you know which server is which?

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