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Thread: Office 365 (Exchange Online)

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    Office 365 (Exchange Online)

    I would like to see Hyena support Exchange Online. We have moved our email out there and Hyena has no way of setting users up properly.

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    Do you have a local tie-in to Office 365, such as through an Exchange Server and/or AD? Are you currently managing it through the Office 365 Web interface, or through PowerShell?

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    I know this is an old thread already.

    Still, is there such a function in Hyena?
    If I have Office-365 with Federation set up (so, tied to local AD), will Hyena be able to handle the creation of the mail addresses?

    Because that's gonna influence the business case I'm making for Hyena.

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    Hyena can only be used to manage on-premise AD installations. If the mail addresses are stored in Active Directory, then Hyena should be able to set them up. But I don't know enough about this particular issue to know exactly what is needed. But if you can manage it now with Active Directory Users and Computers or ADSIedit, then Hyena can do it too, perhaps easier and with more options.
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