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Thread: Great product for every Windows environment

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    Great product for every Windows environment

    I have been using Hyena for the past eight years and still find new unique ways to use it. I find Hyena reduces the number of scripts required to perform various tasks which also reduces admin time. Hyena has become a tool that is now taken for granted as it is an integral part in our team. The licensing scenario allows us to support many customers in different environments while keeping the costs down for our small number of admins. Keep up the excellent work!

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    At the time when I started up administering a NT domain (The elder of you may remember those days. Windows NT? Duh...), a friend told me about a 'tool' named Hyena. 'Check it out, maybe it's useful...', he said. - It was version 3.0 'K'. Short after that I became a licensed user (thanks to my boss). And now we got 8.8. Multi domain management. AD integration. Exchange integration. Terminal Services and RDP integration. Task Scheduler 2.0 support. x64 platform support. - All without clicking around the system. Once set up and you're done. Even the transfer to a new administration machine

    I addition with the great ps-tools from the Sysinternals guys it is unbeatable. (No stress pills anymore...)

    Thanks a lot for a great job. That had to be said.

    A follower.
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