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Thread: Hyena won't launch

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    Hyena won't launch

    I have installed Hyena v8.8.4 on a windows 7 pro x64 machine. when i click on the program to run, it thinks about it then nothing happens. I have un-intsalled it and re-installed it.. and still nothing. Anybody have any ideas.

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    We've seen two issues recently causing a similar issue, so I'll have you try this one first and see if it gets you going:

    Rename the following directory to HyenaSave:

    c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\systemtools\hy ena

    <username> is the user you are launching Hyena with, so in the case of using Run As Different User, it would that account.

    After you do that try running Hyena again. If that fixes the issue send a zipped copy of the HyenaSave directory to

    If it still doesn't run, post back here.

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    blast it, i didnt even think to remove/rename the appdata.. that worked thanks.

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    Go ahead and email the saved copy to so we can figure out the cause.

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