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Thread: AD Feed - Hyena Extraction Issue for Indirect User Exports

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    AD Feed - Hyena Extraction Issue for Indirect User Exports


    I am trying to export Indirect Members of a specific Domain via exported Pro 11.2.5 . Around 150000 groups are available for that Domain.
    During the export my computer is getting hanged and its not generating output files as expected.

    Exporter Pro Configurations :

    member [Group attributes]
    memberof [Group attributes]

    Directory Query Properties :
    Object Type Filter : Groups
    Set options :
    Selected Export Group Members
    Selected Include Indirect (nested) group members

    Object Type Filter :Users
    Set options :
    Selected enable exporting user information from all domain controllers

    Output File : .txt with \t column separator

    Is there any other way to get output file?

    This is very critical, can we discuss through screen sharing and can i have your copntact number also to discuss about this?

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    If you have 150,000 groups, and you are trying to get the indirect members, and your groups contain other groups, you may be looking at millions of members including nested members. That is a lot to ask any application to produce. Your computer is not hanging, so much as the application and Active Directory are taking up all of the resources. I would reconsider getting this information for the entire directory and try to do it in smaller batches perhaps by OU.

    Also, there isn't any reason to have member and memberof in the output, since you are going to get one row/line for each group and member. The member/memberof information is redundant and is EXTREMELY large, meaning your output file will be absolutely huge, plus the information probably won't all be there anyway due to a number of reasons. This data also has to be transmitted over the wire, so again, it takes a lot of time and is not very useful.

    You can also get this information interactively in Hyena, but for a large set of groups, it will essentially lock up your computer, but might be useful to determine if there is a particular group that is causing a performance issue (ie a lot of nested members, etc.)
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.

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