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SystemTools 'ToolNews' - December 16, 2014

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HyenaHyena v11.2 Released

Hyena v11.2 is now available for downloading. Hyena v11.2 adds new features to the integrated 'Active Task' and 'Active Editor' components. See below for more details.

Hyena v11.2 is available as a free update if your maintenance expiration date is after November 15, 2014. See the 'Hyena Maintenance' topic below for information on updating and how to check the maintenance expiration date. Any customer which purchased a Hyena v11.0 license is eligible for a free upgrade to v11.2 as well.

HyenaHyena's new Active Task feature, introduced in v11.0, has been a very popular feature addition for many Hyena users. Hyena v11.2 adds several additional features, including allow group member changes when creating or updating Active Directory objects. Using a template-based model, groups can be added, removed, or any combination when processing Active Directory tasks.

Also added were options to view and manage task Validation files.

Other changes in Hyena v11.2 include:

  • 'Active Editor' changes include optionally allowing data to be processed that contains errors and a new 'Search and Replace' function for text values.
  • 'Add Domain to View' function modified to only support Active Directory domains.
  • Added option to copy EVTX-based events to clipboard.
  • View NTFS Permissions' function supports showing/skipping inherited file permissions.
  • Added additional values to the 'MsExchRecipientDisplayType' values.
  • Enabled the scheduled task and EVTX-based event functions to use the 'Logon As' credentials entered for a computer/server.
  • Dozens of other small corrections and enhancements, which also have been incorporated into v11.0 (see below)

Hyena v11.0 Updated to rev 'G'

Hyena v11.0 has been updated to rev 'G' and is now available for downloading.

A full revision history of all Hyena v11.0 updates follows. Note that all of these changes are also part of Hyena v11.2.

  • Rev 'B' - Added the EVTX event channel (log) name to the error message when opening the channel so that inaccessible channels could be determined for better troubleshooting.

  • Rev 'B' - Corrected program crash when attempting to view the GPOs assigned to an OU which had one or more 'inaccessible' policies assigned.  Inaccessible policies will be displayed with the name 'inaccessible'.  This situation can occur when the policy cannot be opened, usually due to security restrictions on the account running Hyena.

  • Rev 'B' - Fixed display issue when multiple Exchange 2010/2013 domain server assignment templates were configured.

  • Rev 'B' - Modified the Active Task function to allow importing and modifying the object class.

  • Rev 'C' - Corrected a naming issue when creating new Active Directory organizational units (OUs) using Active Task.

  • Rev 'C' - Changed behavior for Exchange Properties to optionally warn about object not being mail-enabled.

  • Rev 'C' - Allowed the standard computer context menu to be displayed when a mix of computers and domain controllers are selected.

  • Rev 'C' - (Active Task) Enabled the 'Remove' button on user-defined fields for group member management tasks.

  • Rev 'C' - (Active Task) Validated (if enabled) the directory path if the WinNT: provider is used for group member-task types.

  • Rev 'C' - (Active Task) Defaulted the provider (LDAP: or WinNT:) for the %MEMBER_PATH% symbol.

  • Rev 'C' - (Active Task) Disabled validating target container unless validation turned on.

  • Rev 'D' - Added new advanced settings for controlling the display of binary Active Directory data on SIDs, GUIDs, and other binary data.  See the Advanced Settings topic in Hyena's help file (SidDisplayFormat, GuidDisplayFormat, and BinaryDisplayFormat) for more information.

  • Rev 'D' - Added new advanced setting for controlling the display of the group type for Active Directory groups (grouptype attribute).  Options include the default friendly display name, raw numeric value, or the same value as used in the Active Task and Active Editor components.  See the Advanced Settings topic in Hyena's help file (GroupTypeDisplayFormat) for more information.

  • Rev 'D' - Modified the Active Editor to allow editing the group type attribute, including entering in negative numbers for integer values.

  • Rev 'D' - Modified the filter capabilities in Exporter Pro to allow more free use of wildcards (* and ?) in file names filters.

  • Rev 'E' - Modified Group Properties dialog to allow more than 255 characters in the description field

  • Rev 'E' - Displayed msExchRecipientDisplayType as numeric value when it cannot be interpreted

  • Rev 'E' - Corrected internal routines to not convert SID into other formats when using alternate display settings for SIDs.

  • Rev 'E' - Added additional step to register systemtools_psi.dll from the v4.0 framework directory

  • Rev 'E' - When viewing computer Properties, Hyena will now display the svcVersion and svcUpdateVersion for newer versions of Internet Explorer.

  • Rev 'E' - Fixed the internal override for displaying OU/containers in the tree window to always show the name and description for sub-containers, regardless of the directory attributes used for the default query.

  • Rev 'E' - Added additional information to error display of the SystemTools Update Checker when an error is encountered reading the information from regarding the current version.

  • Rev 'E' - Added new validation options for User Principal Names (UPNs): ValidateUserLogonUpn and ValidateDuplicateUserLogonUpn. For more information on these settings, see the Advanced Settings topic in Hyena's help file.

  • Rev 'F' - Changed the share caching options to only modify client-side cache settings and not affect other settings that may be used by other applications.

  • Rev 'F' - Reduced the size of the areas on the User Properties > General dialog that can be clicked on (the whitespace area) that would turn on/off the check boxes for several user settings. This prevents a setting from being changed inadvertently when the right-most side of the dialog is clicked in.

  • Rev 'G' - Corrected a problem with the 'ValidateUserLogonUpn' setting that caused a validation failure for existing accounts when the user UPN was not updated or viewed.

  • Rev 'G' - Enabled usage of Hyena's internal object picker when using the Account Functions > Add/Remove from Group... option and the Advanced Setting 'UseHyenaObjectPicker' is set to True.

Microsoft References Needed

SystemTools is in need of a few customer references as part of our requirement for the Microsoft Partner Program. The reference process includes us sending a form to be completed by the customer, which we then provide the information to Microsoft. This information is only shared with Microsoft and they in turn do not make it public.

The process takes about 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

If interested, please let us know by sending an email to We appreciate the assistance !


Sending Messages

One of the long standing Windows features that is no longer available in Windows 7 and later is the messenger service, which has been removed by Microsoft. The only builtin mechanism in Windows to send messages is through the Terminal Services, which Hyena can access through the computer sessions. Note that this is an Enterprise-Edition only feature.

First, to view the sessions on a remote computer, find and expand the objects for a computer in Hyena's left window, then right click on Sessions and select 'Terminal Server Sessions'. Find the active session, select it, right click and select 'Send Message...'.

Other functions include disconnecting remote sessions and viewing active processes. Remote processes can also be terminated using these functions as well. These functions are also available for multiple computers as well.

Using Directory names in Custom Tools

Hyena v11.2 (rev 'C'), has added the option to include Active Directory attribute names into custom tools as well as the output from Tools > Create Macro commands. Simply enclose the attribute name in % symbols, for example:

mytool.exe -user:%UserPrincipalName%

This technique can be more flexible than using the column (%Cx%) symbol as it will not be directly tied to the query field order.

.Hyena Maintenance

All Hyena licenses have a built-in maintenance expiration date, which can be displayed under the Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog. The maintenance expiration date determines whether new releases can be installed with the active license. If your maintenance has recently expired or is about to expire, it can be renewed now. For maintenance information and renewal options, visit:

If you prefer to get an email quotation on maintenance renewal, send your current license information to and request a maintenance renewal quote. You can easily get the current license information under Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog.

If your maintenance expiration date is before November 15, 2014, the upgrade cost is only 50% of the licensing cost, which includes one year of maintenance. Maintenance expirations on or after November 15, 2014 can be renewed now.


SystemTools' discussion board

Our online discussion board, with thousands of postings, is a great online resource for all Hyena users. Our discussion board can be both a source for solutions to frequently encountered problems and a place to learn how others use many of Hyena's features. To access our discussion board, visit:

There is also a link on Hyena's Help menu (Help > Online Discussion Board) to go directly to our discussion board.

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