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Active TaskHyena's 'Active Task' feature supports bulk/mass updating and creation of new Active Directory objects from a delimited text file. Task settings and options are saved automatically, so repeated updates can be performed with minimal steps. Most directory data types are supported, including text, numeric, true/false, multi-valued, and more.

The following example will help illustrate a simplified task to create a few user objects:

Prior to executing the task, Hyena performs extensive validation of all input data, including checking string lengths against the AD schema. In the example above, the EmployeeID field for a new user is too long, resulting in a validation error. The input data can then be corrected, and revalidated before actually executiwriting the changes into the directory.

Hyena's Active Task includes many task options besides input data validation: Optional logging, several password options, user terminal server settings support, user photo importing, automatic home directory creation, and more.