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 Maintenance Renewal

An active and current maintenance agreement entitles the licensee to free upgrades during the maintenance period. Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog can be used to display the maintenance expiration date. Hyena will provide a warning when the maintenance period is about to expire.

The relationship of Hyena's maintenance expiration period and Hyena's release date are used to determine whether a given license is eligible for a free upgrade to a newer version. If the maintenance expiration date is AFTER the release date, then the upgrade is free. If the maintenance expiration is BEFORE the release date, then upgrade charges apply.

Maintenance can be renewed at any time prior to the expiration date; any unused maintenance time will be automatically added to the next maintenance period. If the maintenance expiration date has expired, see the next section to determine if it can still be renewed.

How To Determine Maintenance Renewal Eligibility

To determine if a maintenance plan can be purchased or renewed for a given license, select Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog, and note the maintenance expiration date. This date must be AFTER the current 'release date' of Hyena shown in the box below:

Current Release Date: November 1, 2017

Please note that this date changes with each release, and therefore can change at any time. If the maintenance expiration date is BEFORE the release date, then standard upgrade charges apply.

 Maintenance Pricing

Software maintenance for Hyena can be renewed for one (1) year and is 25% of the current licensing level cost.

Consult the tables below to calculate the maintenance prices for any licensing level. All prices are in US Dollars.

Hyena Standard Edition Maintenance Prices per License (USD)
Licenses One (1) Year
1-2 $ 62
3-4 $ 53
5-9 $ 47
10-24 $ 41
25-49 $ 36
50-99 $ 32
100+ $ 28

Hyena Enterprise Edition Maintenance Prices per License (USD)
Licenses One (1) Year
1-2 $ 82
3-4 $ 72
5-9 $ 63
10-24 $ 55
25-49 $ 49
50-99 $ 43
100+ $ 38
*All prices subject to change.

 Maintenance Policies for New and Upgraded Licenses

The maintenance period that is built into all Hyena licenses permits free updates within this maintenance period.

New Licenses - All new Hyena licenses include a one (1) year free upgrade period from the date of purchase. An optional one (1) year additional maintenance program is available for all new Hyena licenses; this option extends maintenance for an additional one (1) year period.

Upgrades - When an upgrade (for example, upgrading from v8.1 to v11.x) is purchased, the upgraded licenses automatically include one (1) year of maintenance. If additional licenses are purchased at the same time that an upgrade is purchased, maintenance must be purchased on the additional licenses. See Hyena Upgrade Pricing Information for more about license upgrades.

 How to Purchase Maintenance (new or renewal)

You can purchase or renew software maintenance using our online (credit card) order form. Click here to purchase using your credit card

A maintenance plan can also be purchased by faxing a purchase order to 1-830-779-2191. Please make sure to provide your current license key and licensee name, which are available from Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog, as well as a contact email address. See our General Ordering Information page for more information on purchase orders.

Upon completion of your order, you will be emailed new licensing information.