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SystemTools 'ToolNews' - June 27, 2013 - Hyena v10.0 is Here

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.Hyena v10.0

HyenaAvailable Now

Hyena v10.0 has been released, and is available for immediate download in both x86 and x64 in English, French, German, and Spanish. This update can be downloaded from Hyena's main download page.

The main new feature in Hyena v10.0 is the 'Active Editor', a new powerful method of updating Active Directory. See the next topic for more information on the Active Editor

Hyena v10.0 is available as a free update if your maintenance expiration date is after June 1, 2013. See the 'Hyena Maintenance' topic below for information on updating and how to check the maintenance expiration date. Everyone who purchased a Hyena v9.2 license is eligible for a free upgrade to v10.0.

Active EditorHyena's New Active Editor

The new Active Editor component in Hyena allows a very free-form method of updating directory elements, much like updating cells in a spreadsheet. It is especially useful for setting different values for multiple directory objects, such as department information, phone numbers, and other repetitive tasks. With the Editor, any directory query can be turned into an active updatable grid, allowing information to be quickly updated and saved.

The Editor is not limited to just updating directory attributes, however, but also supports importing changes from a text file. Imported data is validated, and visible both before and after importing before being committed to the directory. To get an idea what importing looks like in the Editor, visit:

To get a complete look at all of the new features in this release, visit our What's New page.


Viewing All Directory Attributes

One feature our support team uses a lot is the 'View All Directory Attributes' function: Right-click on any directory object and choose 'Query Active Directory > View All Directory Attributes'. What at first looks like a confusing mess, is a treasure trove of information. This function allows you to see, at a glance, all the AD attributes for the selected object which have a value. You can quickly determine what value a particular attribute is set to, or see the AD property name for an attribute so you can add it to a query or the AD Custom Attribute feature (covered in the next tip.)

AD Custom Attributes

Hyena's property dialogs include the most common attributes, but there may be cases where either an attribute you need isn't part of the standard properties dialog or there are extended schema attributes that only apply to your organization. In these cases Hyena can be configured to add a new property page titled 'Custom' with any special attributes that you may need to see or modify. To do this, select File > Manage Object View > AD Custom, choose the type of object (user, group, or computer) and then click 'New'. Fill in the information for the attribute you want to add and click OK. Double-click on a directory object to view it's properties and you will see a new tab called Custom with the attribute(s) that were added.

This works especially well for cases where a special tag or identifiable string needs to be entered for a user or group to aid in a query, sorting, or filtering. By then adding this custom attribute to a query, the attribute can be modified either in the standard Properties dialog, the Manage Directory Attributes function, or in the new Active Editor in Hyena v10.0.

Note: If you don't know the Active Directory Name of the attribute you want to add, use the steps from the previous tip to find it.

.Hyena Maintenance

All Hyena licenses have a built-in maintenance expiration date, which can be displayed under the Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog. The maintenance expiration date determines whether new releases can be installed with the active license. If your maintenance has recently expired or about to expire, it can be renewed now. For maintenance information and renewal options, visit:

If you prefer to get an email quotation on maintenance renewal, send your current license information to and request a maintenance renewal quote. You can easily get the current license information under Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog.

If your maintenance expiration date is before June 1, 2013, the upgrade cost is only 50% of the licensing cost, which includes one year of maintenance. Maintenance expirations on or after June 1, 2013 can be renewed now.


SystemTools' Discussion Board

Our online discussion board, with thousands of postings, is a great online resource for all Hyena users. Our discussion board can be both a source for solutions to frequently encountered problems and a place to learn how others use many of Hyena's features. To access our discussion board, visit:

There is also a link on Hyena's Help menu (Help > Online Discussion Board) to go directly to our discussion board.

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Help us keep you and other users in your organization informed of updates and releases of SystemTools products.

Any Hyena user can register for this newsletter (ToolNews) by selecting "Newsletter Signup" on Hyena's Help menu. You can also go directly to our
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Help Us Spread the Word !

For over 16 years Hyena has helped tens of thousands of IT managers, administrators, help desk personnel, and auditors simplify the management and reporting of Windows. We have found over and over that the number one source of newcomers to our products has come from word-of-mouth of other happy users. The entire SystemTools Software family and community would very much appreciate it if you would mention Hyena to friends and associates that you feel could use it to simplify their jobs as well.

As our user base has grown, the amount and quality of feature recommendations has grown as well, making for an even better product for existing and future users. Simply put, the more we grow the exposure of SystemTools Software products, the more return you get from your investment.

Thank you for your help in keeping Hyena improving and growing !


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