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Enterprise Edition Feature ExchangeHyena has a long history of supporting Microsoft Exchange administration, going all the way back to Exchange 5.5. Today, Hyena continues this tradition by offering support for Exchange 2000 through Exchange 2016, on any client operating system up to Windows 10, and for both the x64 and x86 architectures.

Beginning with Exchange 2007, Microsoft removed and de-integrated Exchange mailbox functions from the typical user administration duties, requiring many system administrators to run the Microsoft Exchange Management Console (EMC) to perform routine tasks such as creating a user mailbox or mail-enabling a distribution group.

Hyena user context menu for Microsoft Exchange

Hyena re-integrates this lost functionality so that most common Exchange mailbox-related tasks can be performed from the same application as other Active Directory tasks. There is no longer a need to switch to another application or in many cases even install additional Exchange components such as the EMC on the client where Hyena is installed.

Exchange 2010 / 2013 / 2016

Through the use of Powershell, Hyena is able to carry out most common Exchange tasks including mailbox creation / removal and mail enabling distribution groups. Access to the user's Exchange Properties is a single click away, providing for direct administration of:

  • General mailbox properties - display name, alias, hide from address book
  • Manage e-mail addresses
  • Mail flow and mailbox features - delivery options, message size and delivery restrictions, storage quotas, retention policies, and archive options.
  • Custom Attributes
Mailbox creation uses pre-defined templates to optionally specify the mailbox database and retention policy to use. Optionally, mailboxes can be automatically created and/or removed when adding and removing user accounts.

Exchange 2007

Management of most Exchange mailbox Properties (see above list) is available on the user's context menu. Creation of new user mailboxes, however, is limited due to a lack of Powershell remoting in Exchange 2007.

For additional installation requirements, view the Hyena Installation Guide.