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Windows utilities lack any method to report, print, or extract information about your network configurations. SystemTools offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for extracting information from any Windows server or workstation, including Active Directory.

Hyena sets the standard for easy exporting and report generation for a wide spectrum of system information. Exported information can be copied to the clipboard, sent directly to Microsoft Excel, or written to a file.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Hyena's exporting options include:

Easy Microsoft Excel Exporting - Hyena makes quick work of sending any information, including Active Directory query results, directly to Microsoft Excel. This capability can also be customized if another tool needs to be used.

Clipboard Compatibility - Hyena can copy any selected information, including Active Directory data, directly to Window's clipboard, for simple and fast pasting into other application, including Microsoft Excel.

Exporter Pro Integration - Selected objects in Hyena can be directed to Exporter Pro for quick and easy exporting. Exporter Pro is included with Hyena for an unbeatable system management combination.

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